Introducing Madreperla Cast Acrylics – distributed exclusively in Western Canada by Robertson Plastics

Madreperla has been manufacturing cast acrylic products since the early 1950s and is one of Europe's largest acrylic sheet manufacturers.   Constantly enhancing their manufacturing capabilities and anticipating trends, Madreperla offers a brilliant range of colours, exceptional finishes, and gradient textures.  

SETACRYL cast acrylic sheet

  • classic clear, with a 92% of light transmission, better than the one of glass. UV resistant
  • opals and whites: many different grades of light transmissions, which remain constant from 3mm to 25mm
  • widest range of different opal colours
  • transparent and smoked colours
  • fluorescent colours
  • sheets are protected with a laser-cuttable poly-masking




 SETASAND Sandblasted finish

Cast acrylic sheets with a sandblasted texture on both sides.  The sandblasted finish combined with the hardness of acrylic makes Setasand acrylic sheet an ideal choice for merchandising displays, light diffusion applications, and privacy or partition installations.  Another product benefit is that the sandblasted texture resists dust and fingerprints keeping the appearance looking at its best for longer.

  • Higher impact resistance than glass
  • Excellent weatherability
  • easy to fabricate (bend‚ glue‚ thermoforming‚ milling)



Cast acrylic sheet with a metallic effect providing the elegance of metal with the flexibility formability and weight advantage of acrylic.  Rich and lustrous with glossy finishes on both sides, 






A revolution in the manufacturing of acrylic sheets, Madreperla has developed a proprietary method to manufacture cast acrylic sheet in completely 100% recycled acrylic.  Greencast® Acrylic by Madreperla is a recycled methyl methacrylate sheet (RMMA sheet) made from harvesting waste acrylic material, breaking it down and reformulating the base acrylic resin which may then be re-cast into new sheet equal in every aspect to virgin acrylic sheet.  The process completely closes the loop between the production and recycling life cycle.

Greencast® Acrylic sheet was developed to create an enviromental choice without sacrificing the superior quality Madreperla produces.  Currently stocked in clear sheet, any of the Maderperla colours and products lines can be manufacturered utilizing Greencast® resin.  This dovetails the freedom of design of acrylic with the enviromental standards and mandates that many of us hold today and is ideal for LEED compliant projects.  Contact us today about how we can make available your preferred colour and finish combination in the world´s most enviromentally sound acrylic sheet available.